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So nice to "see" you!

Since 1997 ToTANGO has published articles about the history, orquestas, musicians and dancers in the world of Argentine tango. Being a sound engineer, teacher and student of tango history informs what I like to share; with music the focus. There are free restoration downloads on the orquesta pages so you can listen while reading tango history. I hope you find something of value to you any time you visit this site.

The ToTANGO Music Store is our most-viewed page. The Restoration Catalogue of over 4,200 songs is available here.

Tango Music History In 90 Minutes

27 years of researching/restoring the music allows me to bring history to life in a way never done before.

Often heard at a milonga, "After this afternoon's workshop, I'm having such a better time tonight now I know more about the orquestas family and how they fit together!"

The more you actually know the music, the better dancer you can/will be. It's all about the music once your body knows how to move properly, no?

The Excitement Of Great Quality

Witnessing so many dancer's excitement when they hear restored music all night is quite the reward. Great sounding music really rocks every room. Wintersun Festival, Gold Coast, Australia.

Say It Ain't So


Ever wonder why the great tango music you love sounds suspiciously too thin and noisy? Funny you should ask.

The biggest tango record company intentionally burned all its tango Masters.

Australia Swoon Won't Leave Me

John and Cheryl Lowry

A big part of the internal me wasn't able to entirely leave Australia after being treated like a king during the 2 months of my extensive tour.

Can never thank my generous hosts in each city enough! Nor of course my amazing tour managers - and busy crowd pleasers - John and Cheryl Lowry (pictured) in Gold Coast, who went way beyond the call of duty. Wow - do they know how to organize and execute! Can't wait to return to Oz.

Europe Beckons Next

So many tango djs play my restorations in milongas across Europe that friends are talking about organizing a tour so I can enjoy meeting dancers in person.

But there is also talk of a west coast of N. America swing. (West Coast Swing. Hmmm). Lots of friends there I can't wait to see again.

Just got this message: "Dear Keith, Hello from France. I have discovered your work threw a tango Maestro from Argentina who calls you "don Keith Elshaw."

Read more soon - and please get in touch if you'd like info about a visit to your area