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Since 1997 ToTANGO has published articles about the history and creators of Argentine tango. Being a sound engineer, teacher and student of tango history informs what I post, with music the focus. There are free restoration downloads on the orquesta pages so you can listen while reading tango history.

It is difficult to put into words what I owe the world tango community for the support and encouragement I have received to improve the sound of tango records. I am incredibly grateful.

Restoration Catalogue of over 4,200 songs

noun: sensitivity to, knowledge of, or talent for music

ToTango Music Workshop
100 Years of History in 100 Minutes
Special New Podcast of what I do "Live" at festivals

27 years of researching/restoring the music allows me to bring history to life in a way never done before. Yesterday becomes today as we zoom through the sonic peaks of the best creators and hear how they influenced each other. It all makes more sense after.

A glance at some of the articles here would I hope show how I bring the major figures together on one stage by talking about their inter-relationships as time progressed. Me: dedicated professional storyteller. Tango: fantastic story!

Some tend to forget that the musicians were young when they first made their hits. In that sense, it's not "old" music and the greats who have passed still have a lot to tell us. I seek to draw us closer to where the music came from. Another nuance of the tango close embrace.

I often get, "After this afternoon's workshop, I'm having such a better time tonight now I know more about the orquestas and how they fit together!"

The more you actually know the music, the better dancer you can / will be.

This got me thinking about the things in tango which had me upset 5 years ago.
Am I still?

The D'Arienzo-Biagi Saga

 Their 2 year  partnership was to  tango like John  and Paul's was  later to pop music:  an earthquake!

Maria Gets Some Due

Maria Nieves Rego was my sister-in-law for 10 years and dear to me she and Cristina will always be. The film Our Last Tango shows the public a tantalizing glimpse of Maria as tango's most influential woman ever.

The Bliss Of Great Quality

so many dancers' excitement when they hear restored music all night is quite the reward. Great sounding, levelled music really rocks the room. Keith at Wintersun, Gold Coast, Australia.

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