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Precious If It Means Something Personal

Much better!

Just like with the music.



After History Did A Bad
New Aha! Moments

Undeniably the music is crucial. So why has it never been treated with the respect it truly deserves?

I don't mean by you or me personally, but collectively by everyone who has ever loved tango. We've never thought about sound quality beyond accepting that classic tango mostly sounds inferior for whatever reason history decided. And that's OK. Or is it? What exactly did history do?

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Is It Possible ...
There are Tremendous Orquestas
You've Never Heard - But SHOULD?

Oh, yes. And I mean sublime music every bit as good for dancing as your all-time favourites. As soon as you hear them, you know right away this is why you love tango.

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For DJ's, teachers and every dancer's pleasure at home and mobile

- Quality and depth you've never heard

- In chronological and alphabetical order by Orquesta!

- Volume of songs equal - no constant adjusting

- Timing between songs automatically natual for dance

- Titles indicate whether instrumental or vocal


Who Did What?
About Juan D'Arienzo & Rodolfo Biagi

All dancers in Buenos Aires and Montevideo knew it at the time: it was Biagi's genius that REALLY made D'Arienzo the iconic "El Rey de Compas."

Without Biagi running the band musically from 1935-38, D'Arienzo would have come down in history as a minor orquesta leader. And the Big Explosion of tango before WWII still resonating today wouldn't have happened.

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Double Clicks! !
A Restoration Moment

Carlos Gardel had been dead 24 years when, in 1959, Fransisco Canaro took the inventive step of recording band tracks to surround old Gardel recordings. (They had recorded live together in 1930).

Now, to clean them up, I have two layers of record clicks and noise to eliminate - Canaro's record (I took it from lp) and the Gardel recordings within it. ("Sampling" was thus done in the 50's in Argentina, but they didn't have the ability to clean the old 78's at that time).

Canaro / Gardel  

Listening now to Canaro's work restored, it sounds quite remarkable. He orchestrated a caress of modern orquesta around the bare voice and guitars of the original late-20's Gardel recordings ... letting us imagine a Carlitos of a later era - with a sexier rhythm.

(This was done when Natalie Cole was but a child and her father Nat was still recording the music she would sing the duets with 35 years later).

Here is how Mi Noche Triste sounds after taking out the double set of noise.


Hi Keith,

I'm working on correcting a couple of my transcriptions of songs and the restorations of yours that I've worked with were much easier to transcribe than the source material I have from CDs.


Ben Bogart.com / Cuarteto Tanguero

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ToTANGO Astor Piazzolla and Nadia Boulanger

Nadia Boulanger
The Woman Who Unlocked Genius

Over and Over Again

Astor Piazzolla, Daniel Barenboim, Quincy Jones, Aaron Copland, Philip Glass, Egberto Gismonti, Michel Legrand, just to name a few ...

Consider her transformational influence on Piazzolla.

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Massimo Bottura
Sort-of Channelled Piazzolla
And: cooking with Fire in Argentina

Just watched the (great) new Netflix documentary series, "Chef's Table." Show #1 is about Bottura.

Massimo is the most important chef in Italy as you know and an engaging personality who contributes in large ways. His Modena restaurant is ranked #3 in the world and he is beloved by fans everywhere.

After showing how Massimo organized 40,000 people around the world to buy parmigiano that was in jeopardy after the Modena earthquake and use it in a special recipe he concocted, an Italian authority talks about how when Massimo started he was hated in Italy by the people. He was a revolutionary! Off with his head!

So of course I couldn't help but think of Piazzolla enduring what he did from Argentines in his years of being a pariah.

Courage of your convictions, artistic people!

I've noticed there is a constant when you see tv shows of top chefs visiting Argentina, by the way: they can't believe how fantastic it is to eat food simply cooked on an open fire. Assado becomes their favourite new word.

One American cooking show went there and focussed on the 7 different kinds of open fire used for cooking in Argentina. Fascinating and terrific food for thought.

Of course I have tango music playing in my mind as I watch, even though folklore fights to take over and then I want to reach for my boleadoras after I see them pulling fish out of the lake and cooking them over the camp fire under the stars.

Did you know that the next-best thing about Argentina after tango is cooking with fire? Of course you did.

I don't eat meat, so most Argentines think there is something very wrong with me. Off with his head!


Quirino Cristiani
Inspiration for Animation

Walt Disney is usually associated with early animated films, but Disney is said to have been inspired by the Argentine filmmaker Quirino Cristiani.

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About Tending To Your Music
Or Did You Think These Quotations Were About Gardening?

(A Good DJ is Always Re-Visiting Opinions and Habits, no? And "growing" new playlists)

...requires lots of water - most of it in the form of perspiration.

... is cheaper than therapy and you get tomatoes.

The best place to seek God is in a garden. You can dig for him there.

I have never had so many good ideas day after day as when I worked in the ... (library)

It is utterly forbidden to be half-hearted about gardening (dj-ing). You have got to love your ... whether you like it or not.



The Tango Trance
Dan Boccia

Seek it, and it will elude you;
Talk about it in too much detail
and it will haunt you evily.
Live for it, and you will die many deaths.

Treasure it, but don't hold onto it.
Dance with love and freedom
and it will embrace you.
Be vulnerable, and feel it's power.



As always, thanks for reading!

contact: keith@totango.net

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