Keith, you give what the best DJs need, and every tango dancer must have. Your work is so good, it makes even what I previously thought was the mediocre tango music so danceable and wonderful to hear. I thought I really knew tango music until I got yours. What a difference!

The significance of the restoration project speaks volumes about you - dedication with passion and vision. But the body of work is far bigger than you. My sense is it has its own life now. (In a good way, of course)!
-Francis Pionati in Pittsburgh


I just want to go on record as saying that you do the best restoration work I've ever heard.
- Pablo Aslan, New York


Perhaps you are not aware, but you are a reference point to many of us, an icon and an inspirational force regarding tango, tango music, sound engineering and collection. I started my DJ four years ago reading your website and using music bought from you.

I always view your website which, in fact, is one of the first places I go if I want to know something about tango music.
Best regards, Jason


First of all, I could not thank you enough for all the Wow! I've got any time I DJ-d using your tango collection, so here is another great and warm thank you :)!
-Lynn, New York


We loved having you in Pittsburgh, Keith. Keith, BTW, was scheduled to DJ two milongas, but wound up doing three. No music was repeated and everyone I talked to loved his dj'ing and the quality of music. He gave some interesting ideas at the dj'ing workshop. The locals who attended have improved their own skills. The ones who didn't, well...
-Trini de Pittsburgh


I understand that for you the more people buy and use your V5 collection the better. For me however, I consider it a well-kept trade secret. You can definitely consider that as the best possible compliment, but one that I don't like to share publicly on your website. I hope you don't mind. Great work... I'll be back! - Steve

I also have been trying to improve the sound quality of the tango cds that I own. My only tool was the audacity program.

I tried to make the violins sound like good quality violins (I'm a professional violin maker) and then voices and all of the orchestra started to sound so much better. But it doesn't come close to the quality you deliver. Thanks so much for your incredible work.


I'm not sure I'd have taken to tango as I have without your remasters.
- Tony S. UK


My Tango DJ career has really blossomed since I purchased your collection of restored music! It is a big hit and most people don't really know why my music sounds so much better than others.
- Chuck in Florida


I'm ordering more music because I've been using what I have from you for years and get nothing but great comments when I dj. I go to B.A. a couple of times every year, so I know that nothing compares to your restorations. Nothing!
- Michael


What I wanted to say is that when I work with the music you have put together I cannot stop being astonished. Almost every combination I make is a hit. I can merge with your feeling of musical honesty and people keep dancing here in The Hague where I live. They never get bored. THANK YOU!

---- ---

The improvements are noticeable on all tracks from subtle improvements in clarity (eg Di Sarli) to massive improvements eg in some of the older Donato tracks and OTV which were very muddy in my versions.

Your judgement in balancing cleaning up whilst retaining the character of the piece was spot on in my opinion.

I will be listening to this music for many years to come and the work you put into remastering is much appreciated and certainly well worth the cost. You are to be commended for undertaking this work. Thanks Again, John