What's happening in BA right now in music? Check this out

The first tango I ever saw was Juan y Maria performing this, opening a 2-hour show of many styles with a big cast. I watched them do it night after night for 5 months (1989). So I wanted to learn tango and Juan and Maria's sister Cristina from the show were my first teachers. As I learned more I moved over to become a social dancer out of preference - but this way of dancing taught me a lot of good basics (posture, composition, etc.) It was a great privilege to learn about tango from the very people who kept it alive during it's dark days.

2 videos now of a couple showing SOCIAL tango dancing: to the old music, then adapting for a stage show with live orquesta - that is still social tango. Love their bravery in not changing to "show" off. Ad-lib, intimate and beautiful.

Here's a bit of fun from 2006


Famous Footage: Astor Piazzolla Live at the Montreal Jazz Festival Unbelievably great playing by his last quinteto

My inclination is to include great videos about food and music history - more of my passions. What do you think?

Have you tried cauliflower Pizza? Man - does it spark conversation - and fill you up unexpectedly. Perfect for being creative about what flavours you want to incorporate

17 years after its release, I still tell every tango fan who will listen that they MUST watch the Ken Burns PBS series called Jazz. The first couple of shows are so exciting as you see the close parallels between the development of Jazz in New Orleans and of tango in BA at exactly the same time. It's like looking in on Earth from Space and getting the whole picture of how humanity was evolving as the 20th Century unfolded. Neither tango nor jazz were born in isolation. They are cousins in so many ways.

Burns' Jazz is not on YouTube in English - BUT - it is in Spanish!

There are some real treasures on YouTube that aren't generally available and folks don't know about. Want a for instance? Do you know about Sam Phillips and how his Sun Records changed the world?

Just so happens my mother's maiden name was Phillips. I was working in radio earning money when I was a kid like Sam did. I am a child of rock n roll and Sam was the Man who basically gave it to us. I moved into record production, sound engineering and studio ownership - like Sam did. So I love his story and want people to know about Sam. (If you're in a hurry, the Elvis part starts at about 27 minutes in; Johnny Cash at 39 min. Also in Sam's studio for the first time they recorded: Ike Turner, BB King, Howlin' Wolf, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison).

More coming