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Tandas Hola

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What You Get

Sample Party Cortinas

50's Vegas
Boogie into milonga
Baby Love
Ending nice into vals

I've made 500 cortinas of a huge variety of feelings, musical eras, energy levels. Nothing makes a fun milonga like professional sound elements, especially cortinas that don't aimlessly fade out whenever. Like every tango, dancers should hear the end coming.

Fresedo - La clavada (1933)
Notice, no fake echo from the 60s

Tanturi - Pocas palabras (1941)
Yes, Tanturi can sound clean

Laurenz - Arrabal (1937)

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Just on this page are 7 music files to download. Play them all together and you'll experience the quality and smoothness ReMasters bring.

Audio Quality

The Argentine tango library that has come down to us is wildly inconsistent on many levels. My goal is to make it all sound more consistent, clear and pleasurable to listen to in a natural way. Each file is optimum length for proper separation between songs while dancing. I work in Wav and Master to 2-channel mono for richer playback. The tracks are levelled to peak at 0 vu; professional conversion to MP3 at 320 kbps.